Live no cost cams

31 Jan

★★★Yet while there are plenty of motorists who are convinced dash cams really do make life easier in the event of an accident, others believe they are the thin end of a disturbing wedge, in which insurance companies and law-enforcement agencies will be able to gather and collect data about yet another aspect of our private lives.A dash cam is a small camera in a unit fixed to the dashboard or windscreen that records the road ahead.It came in the form of a blue Vauxhall Astra that shot out of a side road at an estimated 30 to 40mph, and careered into the path of Mr Pettifor's truck.

This dash cam has to be wired into your car, at a cost of about £40.With a normal claim, it can take us about eight to 12 weeks to exchange details with the other insurer, and to agree liability.If we have dash-cam footage, we can turn the whole thing around in about 72 hours.The essential feature to look out for is video quality.The cheapest cameras may be tempting, but there is little point in recording an accident only to find that the image of the other vehicle speeding away from the scene is too grainy for the number plate to be readable.