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12 Mar

If only one seperator is into the numericstring so it is interpreted as the decimalpoint.

If we have the following query:"SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE (id = ? Considering that this is not only a real-world example but also part of a core PHP functionality I find it very strange that it's dismissed so easily here.

HOWEVER, the $title = str_replace( "'", "", $title ); WILL NOT FIND a single quote.

Instead, you have to do this: $title = str_replace( "'", "'", $title );and $title = str_relace( """, '"', $title );(Or you could just get rid of them.)So remember!

So if you are passing arguments to a function you have to get rid of them or else you will get an error on trying to call a given function.

Example: becomes Which then will give you an error because there is a single quote inside of the single quoted string.