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19 Dec

On her argument with Evelyn about Evelyn’s fiancé Chad Ochocinco: She said she and Evelyn were friends BEFORE “Basketball Wives” so she felt that Evelyn should have come to her FIRST about it before telling Shaunie & Tami.

She said she didn’t think the interview she did was bad because that was her opinion and she even told Evelyn everything she said to her face. On people saying she’s always in Evelyn’s shadow: Jennifer said she’s very low-key so sometimes people think that she’s a follower because she’s quiet.

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She believes if Meeka had just came on the show and not talked so much, she wouldn’t have gotten into all the drama she did.Jennifer than began quoting Eric’s tweets saying, “Jesus had to cast 7 demons out of that hoe Mary.” She said THOSE are the things that make her think he’s psycho.On if she married Eric for money: Jennifer said she did NOT marry for money and that was never her intention.Williams's research led to a test for the disease which became known as the Williams Test.He wrote a thesis on his findings, for which he was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1954.