Updating bind host files

18 Apr

However, since there is no standard mapping for such names and identifier values, currently only interface names as link identifiers are supported, assuming one-to-one mapping between interfaces and links.

For example, a link-local address is limited to 0 through 65535, with values below 1024 typically restricted to use by processes running as root.

For example: 9 configuration consists of statements and comments. Statements and comments are the only elements that can appear without enclosing braces.

Many statements contain a block of sub-statements, which are also terminated with a semicolon.

The default behavior is not to limit the size of the file.

Because of this first-match behavior, an element that defines a subset of another element in the list should come before the broader element, regardless of whether either is negated. C-style comments start with the two characters /* (slash, star) and end with */ (star, slash).There are many categories, so you can send the logs you want to see wherever you want, without seeing logs you don't want.If you don't specify a list of channels for a category, then log messages in that category will be sent to the Log queries that have been forced to use plain DNS due to timeouts.'), and the match list names "any", "none", "localhost", and "localnets" are predefined.More information on those names can be found in the description of the acl statement.