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13 Mar

'The frequency of use of digital media completely changed my communication; surprisingly it greatly improved the quality of direct in person communication,' said a respondent from Brazil.'The situations became clearer and improved the understanding of my relationships, including those at work.'People who message more are 52 per cent more likely to also be talking face-to-face more, and face-to-face conversations are increasing all over the world, with Brazil, France, Germany and the US having seen the highest increases.

80 per cent of adults aged 19-64 and 91 per cent of teens aged 13-18 across the world message every day With the top five being messaging (67 per cent), social media (48 per cent), email (47 per cent), video chat (47 per cent) and face-to-face (38 per cent) communication.

To learn more about how messaging has evolved and to understand if some commonly believed myths about messaging are true, Facebook Messenger - which has over 1.3 billion users - conducted a survey with people around the world and asked them for their opinions.

'Technology has opened up multiple pathways of dialogue, bridging divides of age, culture, and profession,' the survey explains.

Jodie Delight: @Party - I'm not above anyone...though I am smarter than most and it's basic common sense. You should know what you are getting into when you come on here. Little_Cutiepie: That's my point they are not dating sites. While I’ve met a couple of people from here who have other interests beyond diapers it feels like most messages that ever reach my inbox are people who just seem to be hyper-focussed on the fetish. When I say I’m happy to talk but I’m not really all that intruiged by their diaper it is sometimes met with some hostility.

Something that many don't have when approaching fellow users on this site & other ABDL sites with their stupid gross messages..a think about that..you can? While we all do share this fetish one way or another there really is more to life. Jodie Delight: @Duckula - "There really is more to life.