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13 Mar

'The frequency of use of digital media completely changed my communication; surprisingly it greatly improved the quality of direct in person communication,' said a respondent from Brazil.'The situations became clearer and improved the understanding of my relationships, including those at work.'People who message more are 52 per cent more likely to also be talking face-to-face more, and face-to-face conversations are increasing all over the world, with Brazil, France, Germany and the US having seen the highest increases.

The study found that messaging removes filters, and people tend to be bolder, more impulsive and more honest when they communicate.

Pressured by hurried schedules, we're looking for new creative outlets for unique connection, and inventing a new kind of cave art.

The use of these visuals allows us to create a unique language that our friends will recognize and quickly translate into more complex conversations of subtext and shared experiences.

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And now, with the rise of scree-based communication, new vocabulary consisting of emoji, GIFs, and camera-based messaging has changed the way people communicate.Like you would do away from the computer and in the real world!A new Facebook Messenger study has revealed that the rise of messaging apps has actually increased our communication with others rather than isolating us.We tried to make some part of our site for speaking about the topics of chat, dating services, meeting and the relationships.You will find here many tips and important subjects making you knowing what you have to do exactly when you spend your free time in chat sites or dating sites.