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21 Feb

The character was a mini-version of Rory and is somewhat the reason Luke and Lorelai broke up, so she’s quite controversial.

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After they double-date with Sookie and Jackson, Alex isn’t seen again though he’s mentioned and still seemed to be dating Lorelai.

Michael Angarano turns 27 today, making him the man of the moment.

The actor starred in 2012’s The Brass Teapot, alongside Juno Temple, as a couple who discover a brass teapot bestows money upon them if they inflict pain upon themselves.

Lorelai easily took down Superman in his one-episode stint on the show.

Madeline and Louise ditched the Bangles concert to party with the older Jess (Routh), only to have Lorelai masterfully retrieve them and shut down Jess’ cool-guy attitude.