Accommodating learning disabilities

08 Feb

Among those Betit mentioned: programs within the University of Arizona and Lynn University in Florida, plus Beacon College, also in Florida, which like Landmark has a comprehensive focus on students with disabilities.

"There are better programs available than at any time in history," Betit said.

So far, the expanded options mostly benefit those who can afford to pay out of pocket.

A study last year in the journal Pediatrics found about one-third of young people with autism spectrum disorders attended college in the first six years after high school, and the numbers are certainly growing.

Families who would once have struggled to find options struggle to choose among them.

Some experts, meanwhile, are concerned about the growth of for-profit providers, sometimes charging ,000 or more.

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Saylor's professors didn't exactly welcome his constant drawing, but once he explained it was the only way he could hope to process their lectures — and even to stay awake — most let him continue.

"I studied and studied and nothing was happening," she describes it.

Still, Fernandez cried when she first visited Dean College outside Boston, a school where the president estimates close to half of students arrive with either a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disorder.

About one in 88 children is diagnosed with a disability on the autism spectrum, according to the advocacy group Autism Speaks.

More broadly, federal data show more than 700,000 U. undergraduates with some kind of disability, including cognitive and physical impairments, on college campuses (about 31 percent with specific learning disabilities and 18 percent with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).