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12 May

What about dad jeans, bad facial hair, visible hair plugs and pinkie rings? They scream, “insurance man letting it all hang out.” Some men might find the tone of this book mean-spirited, but hey, both men and women occasionally judge books by their covers.Even if a few entries are a little snarky, the book has done its job if it makes men pay more attention to how we come across when it comes making a first impression with women. ), I expected this book to be a player’s bible filled with slang and manipulative ways for guys to get girls in the sack — but it’s not. Wrong, wrong, wrong, they wrote in "The Rules": Women should never create even the suggestion of being the aggressor in a relationship, or of "chasing" the guy, or of begging a perceived Mr. When in doubt, the authors say, play hard to get by following "The Rules": Don't call him. It's astute of them to do so: "The Rules" struck a nerve with every gal who bought the post-sexual-revolution line that women could just go ahead and ask a guy out, or sleep with him when they felt the urge, or initiate the idea of commitment and even marriage if the relationship seemed permanent. Don't accept a date for Saturday later than Wednesday. That means "the man must be attracted to and then pursue the woman. After all, "who wants war, crime, or bitter cold weather? Accept reality: Men are babies; women have to be the grown ups; and remember nuclear war, global warming and crime in the streets. The book contains straightforward rules about dating focused on giving any guy a game plan for getting himself in excellent dating shape.

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Fenton’s analysis on how men react to rejection and not getting their needs met over time is totally on target.

Those two gals who wrote "The Rules" are making a cottage industry out of a high school idea that exploded onto best-seller charts in 1995.

In only two years, Ellen Fein and Sherri Schneider have created .

A key tip is to practice healthy indifference — indifference toward her interest in you, that is, not towards her needs or autonomy. Too often, dating books for guys are filled with advice aimed at you changing who you are in order to get the girl. Dating success is about cultivating your best self and this theme echoes throughout the author’s three key messages: meeting Mr. Sometimes it takes a woman to help men really understand the fairer sex, and that’s what author Romy Miller does: provide insider advice about dating women from a woman’s perspective.

It’s not like she’s sharing anything groundbreaking.