Nude sackville

28 Jan

Under Bourchier's influence an older medieval manor was transformed into a house that probably resembles an Oxford college more than it does a typical stately home.

The situation on top of a low hill, or knoll, gave the house its name.

A black pen illustration envelopes the poems text, showing seated female nudes frolicking in the textured grass.

This work somewhat mirrors the panels Grant produced for the Cunnard Commission, a design for interior decorative panels to be exhibited on RMS Queen Mary (although these were later rejected).

Nude sackville-72Nude sackville-18

He may have lost his estate, but he kept his head, though he only survived long enough to be burned at the stake by Henry's daughter Mary.It was perhaps the location, half hidden from view on its tree-covered hill, that drew the eye of Henry VIII.Henry dropped a broad hint to his own Archbishop, Thomas Cranmer, that he could quite happily live at Knole.She lays nude on the back of the Bull, one arm above her head gesturing playfully with a red scarf, the bull moves steadily through the water, expressive of a unity between them.Two images within the gift show studies for this final print, evidencing differing concepts for the composition of the piece.