Playstation 3 locks up when updating stoutheart dating

15 Apr

If you use Play Station 3 (or Play Station Vita) regularly, you’ve gotten used to this.It’s the Play Station ecosystem’s very own Stockholm Syndrome between the company and its consumers.The people who wait for the Store to update are the same people who support PS Vita, who buy dozens of games a year, who evangelize the Play Station brand.

And you very well might never get used to the fact that – for six years running -- Sony can’t update the Play Station Store at a consistent time.Except for the occasional Tweet: ), or even reached out to gaming outlets like IGN so that it can relay word on what went wrong and when it will be fixed. Remove yourself, as the purchaser, from the equation for a second. Five games were set to be uploaded during this update for PS3 and PS Vita.It didn’t even post on the Play Station Blog (as of writing this article), its official pro-Sony outlet that, for what it’s worth, gets exceptional traffic. Not only does the consumer lose here, so too does the developer who is counting on those early sales to buoy their (sometimes significant) investment.And this is perhaps the most ironic point of all, because Sony, more than its competitors, seems to understand the importance of having developers of all sizes and scopes on their service. Hell, Sony gets so much right that it makes puzzling issues with the Play Station Store all the more confounding and confusing.They foster great relationships that get them more exclusives than their competitors. This is the company that made its online service completely free while its competitor charges to play games online and watch Netflix.