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06 Mar

I'm like, "My resolution is, I'm going to take the first two weeks of January off of working out." And then the second two weeks, when it goes back to normal...

And I don't mind, like, waiting for a treadmill, but this is what I mind waiting for.

Half the people-- and more than half here in the studio, but half the people have given up their New Year's resolutions.

[Audience member laughing]Kelly: Is that yes, or did-- you were like--she was like, "Whoo! I hit it--I hit that resolution..."Both: "And I quit it! "Ryan: I was just reading this morning that nearly half of New Year's resolutions are already kaput. You know the first two weeks in January, where the gyms are slam-packed with people?

Not sure."Ryan: "But thanks for coming in."Kelly: "You should see a-- you should probably..."Both: "..a doctor."Kelly: "Either way, I'm not touching it."Ryan: Um, have you guys kept up your resolutions?

Like, that's my big concern--Ryan: 'Cause it's on my way home and I can look straight down Madison.

Isn't that the orange that it's orange on the outside and red on the inside? Kelly: I'm not sure why that's your "eye exam" instead of an eye exam.

Vetements unveils Petements invites for its upcoming show Vetements cordially invites you to its upcoming men's and women's show in Paris on Jan.

19, doing so via a series of social media posts featuring Instagram's most cuddly pets.