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01 May

Instead she argues that, like most jobs, our attitudes towards what we do changes throughout the day, with good and bad parts. Grant is clear “there is no one sex industry” but that the term covers many different activities. Most people would agree that there is a big difference between working on the street as a prostitute and talking on a sex chat line — both are termed sex work.But it is also possible for the owners of escort agencies to define themselves as sex workers, although others might describe such people as “pimps”.However, in her discussion of prostitution Grant claims that “the stigma and violence (from police) faced by sex workers are far greater harms than sex work itself”. While police harassment no doubt heightens the problems faced by prostitution, there is no doubt that it is dangerous.Women working as prostitutes face a high risk of assault and rape and are much more likely to be murdered than other women.Grant puts forward two main arguments: that prostitution should be decriminalised and that sex work is like any other work.Rather than be stigmatised it should be treated as such.She refers to “coalitions of cops, conservatives and anti sex work feminists” and although she questions whether there is a coherent anti-prostitution camp, she says, “but for the sake of argument let’s limit it to the anti prostitution feminists and their allies loosely congregated in the secular left”. There are big differences between these groups as to the nature of sex work and how and why it should be opposed.In contrast to the moralism of conservatives who oppose sex work, socialists want more openness about sex and genuine sexual freedom.

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Grant is not arguing that sex work is “empowering” or “liberating” (as many have done), but that it is not that different from any other exploitative job without hope of financial security or social mobility.To assert that “the message of anti sex work feminists is it’s the women working against sex work who are the real hard workers, shattering glass ceilings and elevating womanhood, while the tramps loll about down below” is shocking — as is the claim that those who oppose sex work do so because they fear becoming one of those “women”.Socialists argue that it is possible to oppose the sex industry without being against the women involved, or to patronise them or to think they need “saving”.Grant outlines how in the US prostitution stings are a law enforcement tactic, how the videoing of those caught contributes to the “punishment” of women and how such methods are used to incite fear in the women.According to the Sex Workers Project, “In New York City 70 percent of sex workers working outdoors surveyed reported near daily run-ins with police and 30 percent reported being threatened with violence.” Shockingly, Grant reveals how in some areas in the US police target all women they profile as sex workers, stopping, harassing and arresting people as they go about their daily lives.