How to get a sexchatline job in the uk

01 May

It is also true that the so-called “Nordic Model” of prostitution law which makes selling sex legal but buying it a criminal offence is not a solution.

Grant points out that “women are still getting arrested in the course of busting johns”.

Most of the discussion in the book takes place with no reference to wider society or the forces that have shaped the growth of the sex industry, the specific oppression of women under capitalism and the wider commodification of sex.

Occasionally Grant touches on the economic factors that can lead women into sex work.

Instead she argues that, like most jobs, our attitudes towards what we do changes throughout the day, with good and bad parts. Grant is clear “there is no one sex industry” but that the term covers many different activities. Most people would agree that there is a big difference between working on the street as a prostitute and talking on a sex chat line — both are termed sex work.

But it is also possible for the owners of escort agencies to define themselves as sex workers, although others might describe such people as “pimps”.

To assert that “the message of anti sex work feminists is it’s the women working against sex work who are the real hard workers, shattering glass ceilings and elevating womanhood, while the tramps loll about down below” is shocking — as is the claim that those who oppose sex work do so because they fear becoming one of those “women”.

Prostitution Socialists agree that prostitution should be decriminalised and that sex workers should not be stigmatised or face discrimination.In addition, such legislation can push prostitution further underground and make it even less safe for women, while further increasing the stigma attached to the trade.Criminalising the buyers of sex can end up resulting in even more police harassment of those who sell it.As she puts it, these include “the labour market, the privatisation of education and healthcare and debt…and demands for housing, health care, education, a better life”.Most of her arguments are targeted at those who oppose the sex industry.