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15 Dec

A Washington Post story on the condition reports that therapists haven’t been swamped with calls from people with the condition.

"Before this happened, people who were anxious about it might have come in to work on their fear of bridges and tunnels because it was an irrational fear," said Jean Ratner, who runs the Center for Travel Anxiety in Bethesda, Md.

take a third helping of dessert.” or “We can hang out at our house, but you guys have to not touch the dust piles. ” or “I just invented a new kind of cheese which makes you skinnier.” And then there’s shit that you never imagined saying, but somehow, you end up saying it. When we first learned of him, some overzealous radiologist thought he might be glioma, which is a word that you should not, under any circumstances, look up, because it is bound to lead to an absolutely miserable few days. That weekend was punctuated with tears and sniffling and HOLY-SHIT-I-NEVER-WROTE-A-BOOK realizations.

I’ve been collecting them for three months, and there’s one specimen that I think is becoming sentient.” And then there are things that you hope to one day say, like: “Oh, you are too kind – but if anyone here is a comedic genius, it’s you, Ms. I’m guessing every single person who’s ever uttered, “I’m getting a divorce” or “I didn’t realize it was raccoon meat” has felt this way. Also, rather inexplicably, I cleaned out my closet that weekend, because I didn’t want people going through my stuff and thinking, “Dear god, when did she ever plan on wearing ?

What if I start a fansite dedicated exclusively to her work? I imagine the two of them are in this weird dysfunctional relationship, and Cerise really doesn’t want Steve to leave, but he’s bad for her, and she doesn’t see it and … Anyway, poking around near my hypothalamus might make me really tired. My operation is first thing tomorrow morning, Seattle-time. I won’t be online for a few days – though I already have a few posts pre-scheduled to go up later this week. And even in a worse-case scenario, things are looking really good. And I’ll likely be taking a few days off next week, though I’m not really sure. I realize that this sounds like a really big deal, but it’s surprisingly common and par-for-the-course. I have a friend who’s had actual brain cancer TWICE, and he’s doing awesomely (I’m staring at his wedding photo right now, actually.) And sweet heavenly father, let’s get some perspective: children get pilocytic astrocytomas all the time. I have the pleasure of dealing with this as an adult, which is far easier. There is no one to whom I am particularly close who is named Steve. I’ve never uttered the phrase, “Steve, I love you.” And Steve is nice and short and easy to add to a long list of unrepeatable words.But the ingesting of half a dozen cupcakes in three days was completely justified, and I have no regrets.