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07 Mar

” Boaz would have understood; once he found out that Ruth was willing to marry him, he wasted no time. To understand the extent to which Boaz modeled faithfulness it's helpful to note that no one was obligated to take the role of kinsman-redeemer.

As in all good stories, an obstacle emerged—another man who was actually a closer relative had the first opportunity to buy the land . In Leviticus 25, the provision is simply that a relative may do this.

It might include parents, Sunday school teachers, or friends. In tracing this spiritual “family tree,” pay attention to the surprising twists and turns that reveal the working of God.The importance of being from the line of David is clear; this was the royal line of Israel, and God had promised that David's descendants would rule forever (see 2 Samuel 7).Jesus had the legal authority to claim the throne of David. After all, Jesus' descent from David implied being in the family of Abraham.Three names appear at the beginning and end of this genealogy: Jesus Christ, David, and Abraham.This is an important signal—Matthew is explicitly connecting Jesus to the lines of David and Abraham.