Dating onbase

23 Jan

These can include a person’s goals, actions and pain points, the belief being that taking a more specific approach in app building will result in products better tailored for users and thus, more likely to succeed.“The future for us will be to move away from clients [based apps] and moving more toward personae-based applications," Babic said.We have always built organically so it is easy to integrate all these apps and departments," said Babic.Over the next year Hyland plans to continue building on its modular capabilities and configurability, as well as work on the recently acquired capabilities of Perceptive, which it purchased when its parent company, Thoma Brava, acquired Lexmark in May 2017.The progression of the product reflects the evolution of enterprise content management market as a whole, as emerging trends and concerns shape customer needs.A few updates of note in On Base 17 include: “One of the main things to highlight is that we have improved the user interface on all the clients and standardized them to provide a windows kind of theme for modern day apps,” Sam Babic, associate vice president of Development at Westlake, Ohio-based Hyland told CMSWire.

The statement reads: “The Perceptive Software business, including Perceptive Intelligent Capture, Acuo VNA, PACSGEAR and Enterprise Medical Image Viewing will be sold to Hyland Software, Inc., an existing Thoma Bravo portfolio company and leading provider of enterprise content management software led by President and CEO Bill Priemer.

“We put a lot of effort into ensuring that our desktop apps and clients are fairly consistent and have a modern look and feel.

That was the principal thing so we have used things like HTML5 to upgrade to some of the richer experiences.” The new design provides better navigation and visibility, while the document viewer now comes with a much lower memory footprint.

“We have always been about configurability and here we are extending that to the interface,” Babic said.

“It is also one step towards our vision of our future as a content services platform.