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13 May

Starting my blog almost a year ago has completely changed my life.

As many of my readers know – I used to be a band director that wasn’t too happy with my career choice, and only 6 months after I left teaching I can work from literally anywhere that has an internet connection and choose my own hours.

Because of this site and the skills that I picked up from blogging, I outperformed my monthly teaching income in less than 3 months after I quit my job. 🙂 Basically, I make money from affiliate partnerships that I have on my “Recommended” page and various places on the site, and I also started a marketing company based off of my work with M$M.

Between Millennial Money and Stellaris Marketing.com, I was able to pull off a leap of faith that most people only dream about taking.

after figuring out that most of the names I wanted were taken up.

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In addition, you can download and install Word Press directly through Bluehost.I really believe that a Word Press blog is the only way to go if you want to start blogging, and I’ll explain why below.If you want to go ahead and get signed up with Word Press and Bluehost (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOTH), click here or the picture below and then read my how-to guide in this post.Try to make your site name simple, fairly short and to the point, and go with your gut instinct!I really believe that if you put out good content, people will come to the website even if the domain name isn’t perfect.