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04 Dec

One of them was filmmaker and critic Maximilian Le Cain.

These highlights from his personal reflections on the film might offer some insight into it: “It has been building up through a number of his recent films – – and now it has erupted with full force: a sense of vast cosmic chaos, randomness and terror.

Few well-to-do housewives were likely to supplement their routines with stints working in a brothel, à la “Belle de Jour” (1967).

But many could identify with the depths of her boredom and the richness of her fantasy life.

(Who they are and how they met is never revealed; but we do know that it is Evelyn who bought Cynthia her alluring wardrobe of girdles, seamed stockings and high heels.

“The crust of an external objective reality is no more.

There is only tormented interiority and distant annihilating vastness.

And Peter Strickland’s new film, “The Duke of Burgundy”, pulls off the same trick.

Despite having a lesbian couple keen on S&M at its centre, it has the fundamental truths of all relationships at its heart.