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03 May

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"They don't have a choice and the work is horrible," she said. Once she arrived, her passport was confiscated she was forced her to work as an escort in the Toronto area. "I couldn't call my family and tell that what was happening." "I said, 'I'm not going to do this,' but the guy said you're going to do it because you have no choice. The only thing I was thinking was to find a way out." After two weeks being pimped out, Anna and another young woman ran away from the agency.From the cash they had left, the men forced them to pay rent and pay for food and gas.If the girls were tired or sick, they were given drugs.While nude sunbathing isn’t officially permitted, it’s practiced discreetly.The remote and open nature of the shoreline lets you see a vehicle approaching long before it’s close enough to notice whether you’re naked.