Resell dating service

02 May

It charges fees based on the sale price of your item, plus any amount of the shipping cost over .So if you sold an item for and shipped it for , your fee would be based on a price of .You can also upgrade and promote your e Bay listing in various ways for extra fees.For instance, you might want to set a reserve price so that your item is auctioned off for at least that minimum amount.EBid is an e Bay competitor out of the United Kingdom.

(You can estimate your item fees with this calculator.) If you post more than 50 items in a month, e Bay starts charging you 30 cents per listing over 50, though it may refund the 30 cents if your item sells.

Depending on what you’re selling, you can arrange to meet your buyer in a public place (many local police stations offer a “safe haven” for such sales) or have a friend hang around while you make the sale.

The simplicity here is the key: no packing, shipping or fees, just cash in your hand.

Poshmark is an online sales and social network hybrid for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing.

Its fee structure is simple: For any clothing item you sell for under , you’ll be charged a .95 fee; for anything over , the fee is 20%.