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06 Apr

The young-earth creationist (YEC) response to modern science is a clear example of this latter approach.

The YEC community retains its identity by enforcing a rigid biblical literalism and defends it by selectively appropriating scientific tools and conclusions divorced from the broader context of their proper employment.

It continues to be the most common view of the relationship between science and Scripture held in the evangelical community and, unfortunately but understandably, the view of science most non-Christians associate with evangelicalism.

For scientifically literate non-Christians, it presents an obstacle to Christian faith, and for young Christians who have been raised to equate YEC with the teaching of Scripture, it can destroy their faith altogether when its falsity is discovered.

When young believers discover that the scientific claims of YEC are untenable, this perception of untenability transfers to Scripture itself, their faith dies, and they are absorbed into secular culture.

So young-earthers pervert the facts, falsely accusing old-earthers of being evolutionists in order to demonize them, and desperately grasp for straws in a futile attempt to prove their heresies.Here are several reasons why a young earth simply cannot be true (or you could call these facts, evidence of an old earth): These are 20 proofs I have given why a young earth is not possible. The Bible, common sense, science, astronomy and the Bible all testify of an old earth.Although it may be convenient for unlearned believers to conclude a Young Earth Creation, there is nether any Biblical evidence nor scientific evidence to support such a claim. The Bible plainly tells us in Isaiah -14 that Lucifer was cast down and desired to be above the clouds, equal with God.I believe that God created the universe billions of years ago, before mankind every existed. God destroyed the pleasantness of the earth, shaking the mountains and laying the earth waste, turning it into a frozen wasteland of void and darkness. Yet how did the earth become void, without form and dark in Genesis 1:2?Isaiah says that God's Word NEVER, NEVER, NEVER returns unto Him void, failing to accomplish that which He has spoken. Clearly there was a cataclysmic event between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.