Donnie walhberg dating

31 Mar

A few weeks after, Mc Carthy said she was still single and looking. A source said the pair was officially and item and even spent the Fourth of July together."Yes, they recently started dating and are having a lot of fun," a source said.Walhberg is a single parent as well; he and ex-wife Kim Fey have two children, Xavier and Elijah.) The New Kids on the Block singer got the stamp of approval from Mc Carthy's co-hosts, too.Sherri Shepherd even rocked an "I [Heart] Donnie" T-shirt to welcome him as the show's first guest of the season.9 visit to the set, noting that she wanted a little extra insurance in case she got nervous before her big debut."I mean, I was like, ' What if I have a guest I don't click with?PHOTOS: Best-dressed TV hosts "He was supposed to do the show for , and I said, ' Can we just move it up a little bit?

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Jenny Mc Carthy and Donnie Wahlberg tied the knot in St.

In fact, the shock jock and America's Got Talent judge is so big that the likes of Lena Dunham, Robert Downey Jr.

and Ryan Phillippe turned out to celebrate his 60th birthday in New York on Friday. As usual the 40-year-old model was on fine fashion form.