Tichina arnold dating

08 May

The lawsuit was a very interesting thing to be a part of.

Tisha and I have been friends since childhood, and Martin and I are still friends.

”This lifestyle basketball players live is bananas.

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Fast forward to the present day and during a recent appearance on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’, Tichina Arnold FINALLY commented on the nature of the lawsuit and how the tension it caused affects the possibility of a ‘Martin’ reunion. We’ve all gone our separate ways, and we didn’t know ‘Martin’ would be as big as it was. All of us in the cast, we still talk to each other.

There’s a point where you have to be professional and a point where you have to be personal, and I was very well aware of separating the two, and Tisha always respected that.

It was very weird, but I handled it as best I could.

Follow me on instagram - jetrecords266 Follow me on twitchtv - twitch.tv/jetrecords Follow me on youtube - jetrecords226 or jetrecords266 On August 27, 1992, Martin aired its very first episode on Fox, on its way to a 5-season run, finally closing down on May 1, 1997.

I was a kid when it came on, so I didn't understand why the show disappeared.