Umenyiora dating

25 Apr

"I feel sorry for these offensive linemen that have to play me.

I’m not (fooling) you; I really feel sorry for these guys. When somebody tells you they’re in Miami working out at UM, understand they’re getting it in.

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Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora had quite the look on his face while warming up for last year's game against the Eagles in Philadelphia.

And it would have actually been a huge play for the Giants if Osi Umenyiora's fingertips were a tad longer. Don’t be no Twitter gangster man." Umenyiora, who referred to Mc Coy as "Lady Gaga," said the two have had heated exchanges between the lines.

That play ate up Umenyiora — partly because it was a game-winning score on fourth-and-inches, but also because of who scored: Mc Coy, who criticized Umenyora on Twitter Thursday by calling him "Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly." Umenyiora fired back today by suggesting Mc Coy is even softer. "Yeah, me and him, we had words on the field — both times we played. "He chose to take that off the field and make it public when it’s something that’s between me and him.

(Laughs) That was basically I wanted an opportunity to show everybody and to show them especially I was who I said I was.I’m telling you, people will be in trouble." * * * * In addition to his improved health, Umenyiora believes training at the University of Miami with a bunch of former Hurricanes will have him in the best shape of his career. I train hard in Atlanta, but this is tough, this is very difficult." * * * * And finally, the leftovers from Umenyiora.These aren't chronological, so don't try to make sense of them as a flowing conversation: Q: I’m just trying to figure out the timeline here.It’s something we can address on the football field.He let the whole world know about it, so I’m going to respond." Attempts to reach Mc Coy through his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, and his Twitter account were not immediately successful. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was rough." Rough but expected - on the field exclusively, in Umenyiora's mind. People talk trash, people go at each other," Umenyiora said when asked if he's accustomed to such chatter. You’re attacking each other, you’re hitting each other.