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13 Apr

For almost three decades JAWA motorcycles are an inseparable part of the big family of powered two wheelers.Owing to the diligent and assiduous work done by workmen, technicians as well as by designers JAWA won in the course of years many well wishers and admirers all over the world.This could cause at times battery discharging while riding in town with the travel interrupted by frequent stops.

Clearly, the manufacturing plant is changing as well.

In 1963, production was transferred from Prague to Tynec nad Szavou, when to the existing buildings a large assembly hall had been added.

As the factory buildings were being updated so was steady development of the final product taking place.

In respect of the 634 model criticism had been voiced that the output of the dynamo had been unable to supply all the accessories.

In addition, its charging revolutions were lower than the engine idling speed.