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13 Apr

This new law increases efficiency by making it easier for banks to transfer an image of your check electronically instead of physically transferring the paper check (this is known as check require) your bank to create a “substitute check” on paper from the image, for situations where a paper check is needed as proof of payment or the receiving bank does not accept electronic checks.

A bank may in some cases pay a post-dated check before the date on the check unless the customer notifies the bank not to pay it.

Note that Check 21 does directly address how quickly a bank must make funds you deposit by check available to you, although federal law already places a maximum time limit on clearance of deposited checks.

14-107, it’s a Class 2 misdemeanor to write a check, “knowing at the time .

As a convenience, some financial institutions also provide check images with your statement or on their website that may not meet all the legal requirements for substitute checks.

Incidentally, it is legal for your bank to destroy the actual checks you write, which they may do right away or after a period of time.