Dating my daughter questionnaire

23 Apr

The child will be confused especially if he didn’t react in any way.It is common to hear from a narcissistic parent that he or she sacrificed their youth or their life to give the child whatever he needed.Gaslighting-‘gaslight’ is a term inspired by the movie ‘Gaslight’ (1944).In the movie, the main character, Paula Alquist is brainwashed by her husband Gregory into thinking she did things she didn’t do.He would misplace her personal items or change the place of the objects in her house.In other terms, he would rearrange the environment and change her reality so that she would lose the ability to trust herself.Children of these parents will often feel like mere extensions, which will make them distance themselves from the family that stiffens their development.

This can cause the child to doubt himself and weaken his self-esteem.The need to appear perfect, flawless and invincible makes the narcissistic parent think is superior to others.She will then put down others who are less fortunate than her, who have a lot of challenges in their life or are considered ‘weak’.A narcissistic parent lacks the ability to be introspective and analyze her own thoughts and actions.Due to the false self, the parent is not able to reach himself and her true feelings.