Ethical to dating clients

10 Mar

Dating the adult youth once they become of age is a violation of this trust. their relational awareness, expectations, emotional stability)? Second, what is the impact on the other young people in care?If there is now interest in dating then it becomes a question if personal and professional boundaries were adhered to when youth was in care? For example, does this create expectations (realistic or unrealistic) or unnecessary confusion for them?

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My own view is we are there in a corporate parenting role with the young people we work with, whether as direct care staff or ancillary staff, and it would never be alright to engage in this type of relationship.

There are plenty of other people to have relationships with, it makes me wonder what was going on while the youth was in their care? Most agencies have a policy prohibiting currently employed staff from forming romantic relationships with former clients of the agency for some minimal amount of time, usually 2 years or more.

It doesn’t make sense to me and I question the staff member’s motives, past relationship with the young person and boundaries over all. If the staff member held some professional licensure, the ethics policy of the license granting board will more than likely speak to such a relationship forming, as well.

Clients desperate for love and attention may read the most benign gesture as an invitation to intimacy.

Emotionally immature staff may also find themselves cultivating inappropriate relational intimacy and exploiting the vulnerability of clients.