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10 May

That is why my friend Muhammad can be called that and still an atheist. The genesis (wait, does it make me Christian to use that term? The other day, Hemant Mehta at The Friendly Atheist asked me my opinion on the criticism of Taslima Nasrin’s clearly-expressed distaste for being called a Muslim.Here is what I said: I thought it was within Taslima’s right to self-identify as she pleases.Heina has been an active participant in atheist organizations and events in and around Orange County, CA since 2007, and on the national stage since 2011.Heina is a speaker and panelist on a range of diverse topics including feminism, race, LGBT issues, the challenges of deconversion, Islam, non-monogamy, strategies for inclusivity, and the various intersections of the above.In the words of Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones "just the way you are." Simple! If you look good, you'll feel great and that's what's important.But you still want that extra touch of glamour to your look, so we asked celebrity makeup artist Sara Clark to give us a helping hand.A good lip balm is essential – I'm a big fan of Lucas Paw Paw and always have a tube of it in my handbag: once applied rub a cotton bud over your lips as this will help massage it in. My personal favourite mascara is Lancôme Définicils (lengthens) or Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes (Volumises) – after using eyelash curlers (the Shu Uemura one is amazing) start in the middle of the lashes at the base and wiggle the wand upwards to get a good coverage, then do the inner and outer lashes.Don't over-do the gloss – a light sheen is far sexier that lips that look thick and gloopy, otherwise you're more likely to get a kiss on the cheek than on the lips!

By any definition, I am not, and neither is Taslima.

Pluck, Prime and Conceal, ensuring a perfect canvas for your first-date look.

If your skin is prone to shine, then use an oil-free primer. Unless it's 'you', don't go heavy on the foundation - it's considered the biggest ever turn off for men. A great blusher is Nars Orgasm – it's perfect for any skin tone and it's their most iconic shade for cheeks, giving a natural, healthy-looking colour that immediately brightens your complexion.

“Dadabhoy” de-anglicizes into “Dada-bhai”; “dada” means father’s father and “bhai” means brother.

There is nothing inherently Muslim about “plant-based dye, paternal great-uncle.” Less flippantly, in India, Dadabhoy is both a Parsi and a Muslim surname. Some of those lie in mythologies in which no one believes anymore, like the Greek stories behind Chloe and Alexander.