Evan rachel wood and jim sturgess dating

31 Mar

"OK, you have to remember that when you do karaoke you pick the most ridiculous songs, right?So Manson and I sang 'Don't Stop Believing,' and 'Born to Run.' But in the middle of the night, I looked at him and said 'I'm gonna sing one of your songs.' And I was just threatening as a joke, but then I saw 'Lunchbox' in the karaoke book.I don't think he thought I knew the song." Wood clearly likes to surprise people."So I went up and just screamed it and sang it, sat back down, and he looked at me and said 'I'm so in love with you.The top button of Wood's cardigan is undone, but it still reveals only about an inch of skin below her clavicle, her heels are a pair of demure Mary Janes, and her black patent leather purse looks like an old lady's pocketbook.Tall and wispy, and with her eyes smoked with black shadow and her hair in a flip, she looks like a melancholic '60s housewife and not at all like the disgruntled teenager or underage seductress one might expect.

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I think I was sitting on the balcony and he came up to me because he was worried I was going to fall off..." She goes on to say that they were friends for a while, but then slowly grew to realize that they had many of the same interests and tastes, and had so much in common that it was "a little scary."I ask Wood if it was also scary because she knew what she would be getting into.

It's quiet enough that the clacking of a girl's high heels on the tiled floors is all it takes to make those who are here look up, and so dark and hazy that it takes a few moments of disoriented blinking to adjust.

And it takes a lot of blinking to adjust to Evan Rachel Wood.

She appears quite at home in the cavernous, gothic room, and I get the impression that, if she wanted to hide, she could just discreetly step behind the candelabra and be done with it.

As we settle into a corner, Wood flips quickly through a menu before pushing it aside.