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24 Feb

I can't remember the last time I heard you two talk about anything other than how a campaign was playing in Washington.

Cathy needed to take a second job so her dad could be covered by her insurance.

In Reno, Nevada, a man named Lawson (Michael Hogan) and his crew of thieves have just robbed the Hotel Palacio casino.

Lawson takes the millions of dollars in bearer bonds they stole, and leaves a bomb behind in a warehouse to kill the rest of the thieves, who include his psychopathic right-hand man Banks (Gil Bellows).

They left at the end of the fourth season, to be replaced by John Wells (of fame).

The rest of the cast includes Stockard Channing as the President's wife Abbey, John Spencer as Chief of Staff Leo Mc Garry, Allison Janney as White House Press Secretary C. Cregg, Bradley Whitford as Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman, Rob Lowe as Deputy Director of Communications Sam Seaborn, Dulé Hill as the President's assistant Charlie, Janel Moloney as Josh's secretary Donna, and Richard Schiff as Director of Communications Toby Ziegler.

It did get a fair bit of criticism from conservatives for this, but many saw it as the best attempt to date to try to be a truly fair and balanced drama about Washington, D. The show is notorious for the Walk and Talk — to create the illusion of activity in the midst of all this discussion, the characters constantly walk around the White House as they talk, despite the fact that they rarely have any place to go.

Its nickname on Television Without Pity was "pedeconferencing", which was also picked up by Sorkin and Schlamme, among others. The characters played by Rob Lowe and Moira Kelly never officially left, they merely were never seen again, despite the fact that Lowe in particular was an integral part of the White House social order (and had just had a running plot which gave him a perfect way out).

The re-election arc did give a perfect out for its Grand Finale. You wewe vague, you wewe howstiwe, you wewe bewwigewent!

Sorkin was fond of making homages to and referencing musical theatre, most impressively from character (Dr. A small, but interesting point: a political ploy tried by House Democrats in one episode (involving hiding in the Capitol building so the Republicans would think they'd gone home and organise a vote they would otherwise lose, then turning up and voting) was tried by the British Conservatives a while ago. In 2012 an impressive selection of the main cast reunited for a PSA that endorsed Mary Mc Cormick's (Kate Harper) sister Bridget for Michigan state supreme court, as well as encouraging voters to vote in nonpartisan elections in general. Bartlet: Are you telling me that not only did you invent a secret plan to fight inflation, but now you don't support it? Have you fallen down and hit your head on something hard? Donna: I have such an impulse to knock your heads together.