Dating sights zen

10 Mar

And turning -– don’t “prepare” to change direction; you must be ready when moment is right and you must act without hesitation.

To turn well, you shift your behind in the opposite way of your legs to shift balance for a sharp turn.

My next one will be a spy novel, inspired by that college roommate who spawned the twinkie experiment.

He was offered the chance to be a super spy because he outwitted the FBI at age 17.

Now that I think of it, THAT would be a highly profitable phone app.I want to do that where the goal is to generate interesting dating introductions for use on OKCupid. Though I assure you this introduction was not generated by any robot, algorithm, or evolutionary design. I liked your profile and I’d like to hear about your thesis. The whole thing is like making your body spin two parts in opposite directions like one of those ultra high speed jet engines, only more graceful.To keep control, you’ve got to leave yourself hanging out there – butt and legs going east and west – all while emptying your mind and enjoying the ride.