Sex chating betwen mother and son

14 Dec

RELATED: 'Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley Talks Nina Dobrev's 'Satisfying' Return and Paying 'Homage' to Fans With Steroline's Wedding Wesley, 34, and Tonkin, 27, who were last seen in public together on Dec.20, first met on the set of last year, describing the experience as "cool" and "nice." WATCH: 'Vampire Diaries' Cast Wraps Filming on Final Season: 'Thank You for Being Part of This Journey'"It was crazy, I had never worked with her before.

Meanwhile, Dobrev recently posted on social media how heartbroken she is for losing her beloved cat.

She then said "as soon as you guys leave I'm going to the house and put my bikini on" so I told her bye and we left, watching her in the rear view mirror as we left, she was still standing still watching us.

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Throughout the years, he has appeared in a variety of films.

Longwood got into my cab today screaming about how he had just been robbed.

He tried to get me to drive right away, but that's not how cabs work.

I got off of work early one day last month to take my dad to the clinic for his check up and to also take my dog by the vet for his shots, trying to kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

After picking up my dad I told him I was gonna stop by my house and pick up Bullet (the dog) and run him by the vet while dad got his check up.