Orlando bloom dating naomie harris

18 Mar

The duo went on vacation and posed some adult photos which were later leaked.

In March 2017 when everything seemed fine, they released a statement that they want to take their time off and hence, split up.

In August 2014m Orlando was spotted going on a vacation with Erica, an Australia singer and model, all of a sudden and they were behaving like boyfriend-girlfriend with a lot of public display of affection.

Bloom could not keep his hands off her body and was seen kissing and cuddling.

They were seen very cozy and Orlando even planted a kiss in public to catch everyone’s eyeball.

Following that, the cute couple was spotted in several other events and it became a known fact that they were in a relationship.

As a matter of fact, Ashley and Nina were present in that same party and Bloom had fun with both the ladies.

The media reports say that, at present, he is dating the two casually and nothing serious has happened as of yet.