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01 Jan

Involved with the Blues since his teenage years, Parker formed his own band, the Blue Flames, in 1951.

Sam Phillips signed the band to Sun Records in 1953.

Elvis gives us just a couple of lines, sung comically, before getting into Hi-Heel Sneakers.

Axton's original version of his own composition, "Never Been To Spain," appeared on his 1971 album, "Joy To The World" (Capitol SMAS-788).

Information about 508 original versions of recordings by singer and entertainer Elvis Presley.

See when recorded and by whom, with interesting historical data. This is the original site of information about original versions of numbers recorded by Elvis Presley, which I began in about 1995.

Different tunes are used with the words, depending on location and persuasion: in the UK the tune "Horbury," composed by John Dykes, is preferred, but in the US Lowell Mason's "Bethany" is used, so I assume this is what Elvis sings.

Flower was an early feminist and the confusion about the tunes (and which was played—or not, as the case may be—on the Titanic as it was sinking) merits a look at this site.