Validating package spec online dating drawbacks

18 Jan

In toad, if the package does not exist yet, you've got 2 options: F5 and F9, both from the SQL window where the package's code is.

F9 is more convenient about compilation errors if any (in my opinion).

PACKAGE Specify to recompile both the package specification and the package body if one exists, regardless of whether they are invalid. The recompilation of the package specification and body lead to the invalidation and recompilation of dependent objects as described for without run-time recompilation.

If recompiling the body results in compilation errors, then Oracle Database returns an error message and the body remains invalid.

The format for the command is identical to that of the CREATE PACKAGE [BODY] command.

Recompiling a package body does not invalidate objects that depend upon the package specification.

Because all objects in a package are stored as a unit, the keyword is required.

During recompilation, Oracle Database drops all persistent compiler switch settings, retrieves them again from the session, and stores them at the end of compilation. If recompiling the package results in compilation errors, then Oracle Database returns an error and the body remains invalid.

Validation of Swagger specifications # swagger_spec_validator[! [Build Status]( branch=master)]( [! [Coverage Status](]([! [Latest Version](]( About Swagger Spec Validator is a Python library that validates Swagger Specs against the [Swagger 1.2]( or [Swagger 2.0]( specification.

The validator aims to check for full compliance with the Specification.## Example Usage Validate a spec from a url:```pythonfrom swagger_spec_validator import validate_spec_url# example for swagger spec v1.2validate_spec_url(' example for swagger spec v2.0validate_spec_url(' Documentation More documentation is available at Installation $ pip install swagger_spec_validator## Contributing1. Create your feature branch (`git checkout -b my-new-feature`)3.