Is dating haram in islam yahoo answers

16 Jan

He said: “I felt his pulse to see if he was breathing and a few minutes later the police came along and told me to stay with him.” After five weeks in a coma on a life support machine at St Stephen’s hospital and the neurosurgical department of Charing Cross hospital in London, Naji al-Ali died at 5am on Saturday, August 30, 1987 at the age of 49.A friend of Naji al-Ali was quoted saying that he had been warned his life was in danger in a telephone call from a senior member of the PLO in Tunis.And his hands behind his back are a symbol of rejection of all the present negative tides in our region.” Frequently detained by police and frequently censored, al-Ali was expelled from Kuwait in 1985.He moved to London where he continued to work until he was shot.But because of the way things are in Arab politics, nothing surprises me,” he said.“Our paper is an independent one and is not a strong critic of any particular group, so I cannot see why there should be an attack on us.

Naji al-Ali ignored the warning and published a cartoon lampooning Arafat and his henchmen on 24 June. “I don’t know who could be responsible because he has been a critic of so many groups.Pendant que certaines de nos chères têtes blondes célèbrent l’occasion à leur façon …Et qu’à Hambourg, un premier journal qui avait osé publier les caricatures de Mahomet voit ses locaux incendiés … Victime non d’agents du Mossad comme le prétendent certains ou même (jusqu’à ma correction) le Wikipedia français …”“It was our silence and our fear that made us accept without protest the curtailment of free discussion and to allow terrorism to determine the way our differences are settled.History has shown that when liberation movements stifle liberty they become incapable of carrying out the task of liberation; they close in upon themselves and blindly submit to violence.