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11 Jan

(In other words, in the clothing order demo mentioned earlier, if the user enters an invalid size for a type of clothing, the record containing that mismatch is flagged.

In contrast, when a potential duplicate record is identified, the warning flag appears on all records, not just the potentially offending one, as it is safe to assume the most recently entered record is the culprit.) Amazing work. My problem may be slightly easier to solve in that I’m not trying to detect validation issues on the fly and continuously.

(Actually, not quite like that, as that is a many-to-one link, where you’ll most likely want a one-to-one.

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That write-up discusses two different types of duplicate control; it’s the code for ongoing detection of potential duplicates that’s of interest.

Briefly, whenever a newly entered record appears sufficiently similar to an existing one, it triggers a possible duplication warning; however, this warning is flagged at the base, not record, level.

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