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04 May

Unless the performer knew how to setup a website, market that website and connect with clients, they had no choice but to sign up for an existing service.

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So lets recap and demonstrate 10 advantages of offering your adult phone an internet-based services on Sincats: 1/ Liberal to join, make a profile, accept payment 2/ No set hours or days you need to work 3/ Choose your clients, we can’t force you to work with someone 4/ Keep The money you cash in on as well as set your personal rates 5/ Not just PSO, you’ll be able to offer a myriad of services, webcam shows, erotic photo exchange, modelling on and offline 6/ You should not pay personal ID or licences 7/ Set your individual limits, keep things softcore or offer hardcore BDMS services 8/ Log on if you like, the site is usually here 9/ Accept payment via a vast amount of methods including wish lists 10/ Meet and earn friends with other PSOs as well as clients, you don’t need to keep play and work separate These are simply 10 benefits when you join up and begin being a PSO or phone sex operator you will find out that there’s plenty more benefits.You have to register, send in a photo id, fill out a W2 tax form and then setup your account and start taking calls.Next you will find out that half of the money you make goes to the website and you don;t even receive that money until 2 to 4 weeks after you make it. This means that you set your own hours and receive payment directly from the customers.You do not have to send a photo id nor do you have to fill out a W2 tax form.You can also set multiple different payment options including alternative options such as Amazon Wish Lists. It means that you can tell your customers to pay you by ordering an item from your wish list.