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09 Apr

As mentioned before, there are only about 150 inmates at Ft. 80% of the inmates are drug mules, and the eclectic nationalities represented–Trinidad, England, Lithuania–reflects this.Out of the rest, there are only about 15 inmates at present who have committed capital crimes, so most of the inmates are serving relatively short terms.Print and mail them a copy of the Order Form if they want to submit themselves.Currently we do not take credit card payments, but that will change soon. Standard Profile 0 (0) – 300 words, 2 photos, 10 free e-mail responses Prices in parenthesis are for renewals and returning clients.

The SET computer lab and library there is its own small building.

Every profile includes a personal message box, which allows visitors to leave messages.

Once each week we will download and print the inmate’s messages (if any) and send them directly to him at the prison via regular mail.

Through the main gates of the Fort is a big open courtyard surrounded by low administrative and dormitory buildings.

There are plenty of palm trees and rocks for the inmates to sit under, and with the salty ocean breeze and the lazy, circling pelicans above, the Fort seems like a perversion of a typical island paradise–and it kind of is, compared to the other institutions.