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15 Feb

The People with these attributes rapidly gained the upper hand because they were much more able to protect themselves, acquire the important necessities for survival, and be able to gain more compliance from those who either did not have access to those resources themselves or couldn't stop them from being taken away from them or take them for themselves.

In modern times, in modern "societies" some things have changed, but only a little bit.

And when a person is bored, or feeling pressured to comply, their usual response to your request is simply... So let me ask you this, If you answered yes, to any of the questions above...

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you see this most often in sales, and is known as a "Features and Benefit" Style Presentations but also many times in This form of persuasion, usually creates resistance and "bores' the person's mind.

We found that users mainly share ‘selfies’, typically embed text and ‘doodles’ with photos they share, use it mostly at home, and primarily for communication with close friends and family as an ‘easier and funnier’ alternative to other instant messaging services.

We also found that high intensity of use was more associated with bonding rather than bridging social capital.

Today the person who dominates in society is the person with the ability to easily influence and persuade others to willingly do what you want them to do.

Now Don't Get Me Wrong, while, resources, physical power, the ability to defend yourself are still important.