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25 Jan

But Mc Glotten stresses the need for an ethical and transparent approach when deploying these tools."I'm working with a woman who has a done a similar project called 'Watch me Work','" Mc Glotten says. The similarity is the people with whom she is interacting don't know that their exchanges are being projected onto a screen, or that they are part of an art project.Rather than retreating, we’re going to become more transparent.We’d like to be the first ones to push with this idea that the whole industry should make safety non-negotiable.And we’ve been moving back to a freer, but filtered, chat. La Fontaine: Initially we saw around 35 percent of folks staying away. We now have 85 percent of the user base restored back to that.

Our team developed that in three days, and then over a period of three weeks, we put all the sites back online. We wanted friends to be able to communicate, even in a limited way."That would seem to be what drove people's outrage," Nyong'o says."Not that they were unfamiliar with the possibility that people would use Grindr for an art project, but that they would use it without their knowledge or consent." Other Internet art projects Shaka Mc Glotten, a professor at the State University of New York who researches the interaction between art, technology and sexuality, says many artists are using the Internet and apps such as Grindr in their work.At the Casual Connect game conference in Seattle, he recently called for an online safety standard and collaboration among sites, making game worlds safer for kids. Then I’m going to talk about the need for the industry to actually set standards around what good safety is.Because right now everyone is positioning themselves, alone, as…”I set a standard by doing X.