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The guy is an absolute genius at bringing together chemistry and automation and has literally been involved in every major analytical molecular biology success story scientifically since 1980. AW: Yeah I think that’s really in keeping with what seems like the quality of people at Helicos working there and running the show.

I wrote in my article that the whole company seems chalk full of pretty remarkable people AW: Let me move on here, you really tied up some loose ends for me in terms of the technology, I’d like to continue asking you about the performance of the Heli Scope system, is there any way you can give us some updated statistics?

Following my Helicos part III post last month, I was contacted by Mr.

Lombardi's office in regard to setting up a conference call with the Executive Vice President in order to answer my remaining questions concerning the Heliscope technology, and also to talk more about the future of Helicos.

AW: So that’s what I thought, after reading the patent it seemed like it was largely done through kinetic means which has a lot of benefits especially because even if an incorporation is not made it doesn’t necessarily matter for the Heli Scope system.

SL: Exactly, because we can take advantage of the fact that each strand grows asynchronously.

Many of us structural biologists try to keep up to date with single molecule technology and that’s part of the driving reason why I wrote my review, but so let me just jump into some questions I had first and get those out of the way.

AW: So I wrote my review of the technology behind the Heli Scope using Dr Quake’s original PNAS paper along with the patents and all the other publicly available information but there are still a number of questions that I iterated in my article concerning the t SMS technology.

He’s got a lot of experience and brought a knowledge base that has allowed us to build a flow cell surface that is incredibly low noise in itself, but is very washable SL: Oh yes, a majority of our cycle time is washing.Prior to joining Helicos, he was Senior Vice President at Affymetrix, serving in executive positions in Corporate Development, Product Development and Research and Corporate Marketing. Lombardi worked for 16 years at Applied Biosystems in various business roles, first as a marketing manager and later as a senior executive. Lombardi led the formation of the company's DNA sequencing and genetic analysis business, the products of which formed the technological basis of the worldwide Human Genome Project.He was also involved in the formation of Celera within the broader Applera corporate structure. Lombardi spent 8 years as a nucleic acids chemist focused on the development of novel approaches to DNA synthesis.Needless to say I was delighted at this opportunity, and what follows is the transcript of our conversation.Helicos Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mr. He has over 27 years of commercial biotechnology experience, as a researcher and in various business management and executive positions.