Updating web page with microsoft frontpage on the server dating site lsrael

05 Mar

Or there might be some type of server misconfiguration.

Please contact our Technical Support personnel to determine the cause and remedy for this situation.

Things that may not function include: Active Server Pages, ODBC and MS SQL Database connections (Access, Fox Pro), Active X, VBScript, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Forms Processing (using the Form Web-Bot).

This is most likely due to a misconfiguration of the Front Page software you are using.

I have had to wait several hours before the new article is shown on the new page. ASP in case anybody had the filename included in their bookmarks or links.

If I recalculate the web in IIS, it shows the new page right away. ASP and set IIS to use that as the new default document, then included my other pages using server side includes rather than the FP include page webbot.

More information regarding this issue is available on our Front Page FTP document.

Since Front Page is primarily developed by Microsoft for use on Windows NT servers, some features are not available when the site is hosted on other types of servers (such as LINUX).