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02 Jan

Brittany Snow has been in relationships with musician William Tell, Ryan Rottman, Josh Henderson and Michael Johnson, and Evan Ross.

She got recognition from all corners and the opportunity to appear on the Ellen De Generes Show.

These men will reject sexual advances or romantic interest from women based on the woman’s personality, attitude, fashion sense and other factors that have nothing to do with her appearance.

When asked in person by women, men who are willing to have sex with a woman simply based on how she looks, will often tell a white lie and say that they value a woman’s personality, intelligence, morals and values the most.

Not just good enough to find and sustain love, but good enough for the person we desire.

In part one, Dan and I discuss confidence and the its’ importance when looking for a mate.

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Many guys refer to it is their instruction manual for success with women.

DAN: Women are very intelligent and savvy when it comes to men, so I doubt that I will be able to reveal something that they don’t already know.

However, I will share a secret that men rarely admit to women.

We recently sat down with Dan Bacon, a dating expert, helping men around the world with their dating and relationship woes.

Believe it or not, a lot of men seek out Bacon’s help in order to work through the roadblocks that are preventing them from having a successful relationship.