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29 Jan

Because you want to be around like-minded, similar individuals who share the same aspirations," Davis said.

"We really focus on people who are career-focused and high-achieving.

The League has been called "Tinder for the elites" and criticized for being overly exclusive and contributing to the societal phenomenon where people with the most credentials and university degrees increasingly marry each other.

But Davis says The League's admissions process isn't that different from the filters that people regularly use on their own when planning different aspects of their lives."Why do you choose the neighborhood you live in or the bar you go to?

Read more: Applicants must share their Linked In profiles and submit six photographs as well as a personal bio.

The League then uses an algorithm to give applications a first pass.

Cuneo, who works as a program associate at a Detroit nonprofit and made the Founding 500 cut, said she'd heard her college friends who moved to bigger cities after graduation rave about the quality of the app's dating pools.“All my friends tell me that The League is infinitely more mature," she said.

Their most common job title is "account executive." The most represented school in this group is U-M, followed by Cornell and New York University, according to the company.

There is already a waiting list to join The League in Detroit.

If that makes us elitist — fine — but we would never call ourselves elitist."The League plans to expand its Detroit dating pool beyond 500 after about two weeks.

The app is free to download and membership is also free for those allowed in, but they must stay on the waiting list until a spot opens.