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07 Dec

A light fresh opening and a warm sensual heart and musky dry down. As individual as its wearer this fragrance would develop and evolve so it smells unique on a thousand different women. (That's amazing in and of itself.) I will never forget smelling it for the first time..clean, refreshing, pretty, understated yet elegant, just absolutely beautiful! I do get that lavender punch everyone refers to, but with a gorgeous, heavy musk that even turns a little creamy on the dry down.

She did not want her fragrance to be overpowering, but instantly recognizable, like infamous aromatic concoction she made for herself from 3 separate fragrances before she co-created Lovely.It is quite “lovely” and people told me they wouldn’t mind being stuck in an elevator with me.If you’re someone who wears musks well, this is for you.Lasts up to 6-8 hours and can be worn to have loveliness year round. TIP: Layer a little (just one drop will do spread out on all pulse points) Skin Musk perfume oil with Lovely over it to lengthen longevity especially in cold weather.Hello from Deco Dawn this is my review of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely EDP.