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04 Feb

In a new interview with House Beautiful magazine, Sarah's mother, Pauline Macaulay, let slip that on Mother's Day, the ex-Prime Minister is likely to join his wife and their two sons for a rare treat of breakfast in bed.Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown with his wife Sarah and children Fraser (L) and John (R) in December 2014 during a press conference to announce he is standing down as an MP in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.It begins with news footage of the authorities carrying Laci's corpse in a yellow bodybag, then cuts to Sharon watching it in her living room (the same way most of us first saw it). It is a short scene, but it seems a gross invasion of privacy and can only leave us feeling embarrassed by our voyeurism.One could argue that such an image forces us to realize that there is a devastated family viewing the same footage we've seen over and over again, and they don't have the luxury of emotional detachment.The film does dramatize some "private" scenes (that is, scenes not taped for news broadcasts and replayed repeatedly), such as the Rochas' discovery that Scott was cheating on Laci or the look on Amber Frey's face when she sees Scott on the news and realizes that her boyfriend is married to a woman who's gone "missing" -- not to mention the moment when Sharon (Dee Wallace Stone) observes Scott's damning use of this term, before he should know that she is "missing."These scenes underline the betrayal Cain asserts is the film's point, but maybe we shouldn't be privy to some of it.

” Then when she told me I’d be playing Sarah’s girlfriend—I’ve always loved Sarah’s work from when she was on .The case is still pending, and as the jury hasn't even been selected yet, the possibility of tainting the jury pool seems obvious.Then again, the USA network had plenty of motivation for making it now, including ratings and advertising dollars.She sent me a little message saying, “Let’s talk, I have something cool I want you to”—you know.We ended up talking over the phone and she told me all about it.