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04 Mar

The second controlled DOS box is a Northgate Turbo 386 where I am using Word Perfect Office's excellent stand-alone calculator product to perform the same calculation - albeit with different results.Note that I am about to send a Shift-F1 keystroke to the Fox Pro computer.Also contains the EXE file for the extended version of TINY that supports graphics modes.

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Its easy to use, reliable, robust and the support is quite amazing!The result as that a TINY viewer looks *exactly* like the DOS screen it is viewing.Anyone who spent any time using DOS will immediately recognize that a TINY screen looks distinctly different than a Windows Command Prompt window. Contains EXE files for both the Novell and PCTCP stacks. You actually can run both at the same time if you have both stacks installed, but that would be a little silly.To make sure I got all the DOS colors exactly right, I had to dump the color table out of an old VGA card.To make sure I got the font exactly right, I dumped the font table out of an old VGA card.