Trendnet wireless router validating identity

30 Mar

If it does, then next enable your other security protocol, put the password into the PC and see if it continues to connect. check to see if you have any Anti Virus or internal firewalls (like Zone Alarm) active.If you try all of this and can't get a connection, then I'd relook at the NIC drivers first.. If you do, make sure that you have set the IP address of the wireless PC as having permission to access your network.

I searched on the internet who had similar problems and none of those helps as well Anyhow, does anyone know what to do to solve this ?Ok, I just reformatted one of the computer and after i installed all the drivers for mobo i figured i cannot connect to the internet.Im on the D-Link DIR-655Wireless Router and im using XP PRO SP2 if that helps.If your network is Encrypted go on to step 6 otherwise Click ok and try to connect to your network again.In this window make sure you are in the "Association" tab.