Intimidating sounding last names

29 Jan

Barnaby Price Woodward Hildebrant Last names I've found and loved: Castle Norcross Fair - one of my best friend's surname, combined with her first name it's always struck me as so ethereal Luna - ditto Fair O'Shea Ramsay Writer. I'm always on the look out for names for my Inky Babies (aka characters)!You can follow my writerly shenanigans and Rocky Mountain adventures on Instagram at Girls: Camellia Edie, Mercy Annabelle, Elowen Lilac, Vesper Daisy, Shalom Alice, Bellamy Evangeline, Ivalo Honour. I went to a Halloween party at my friend's house and we watched Insidious. Evil-sounding boy names: Vincius Victor Enissus Calamen Seprant Coren Byrin Lucan Vener Maddox Stellin Penacus Silas Evil-sounding girl names: Sacrim Berrin Velia Rosea Kaylash Yeri Jovil Asilinn Astra Razi Nox Maura Eris Seiko Boy Names: Seth Lucifer Vladimir Sin Nash Girl Names: Roxanne Astrid Gem Eleanor Lillith Roxanne is and evil-sounding name. I have a friend named Eleanor, but she goes by Nora. It's an absolutely gorgeous name, I'm currently using it for one of my Characters (Melrose Faye, as listed above). Oh my Gosh I really, really, really wish this was my last name! When I was nine years old I had the most incredible music teacher, and we played a song called "Dragonslayer" that I loved. Smith is just perfect John Smith, Emily Smith, Connor Smith... When I was moving to Portland we drove through Montana and hearing that name reminds me of it Hannah - Carri796 Rose I love this last name its beautiful and it screams nice and sweet also I used it on my story her names Destiny Rose and when I found it it just clicked so I knew I liked the name! It's beautiful and elegant and just an all around great name! If used properly, sexy, dangerous, cool, mysterious I really like Levi as a first name, but it actually doesn't sound so bad as a last! I like that Haha, who ever said Charlotte Levy, my name is Charlotte. Oh the name is Forbidden love because she loves her teacher... Who knows I just started writing this book laugh out loud. Swift SWIFT IS SUCH A COOL LAST NAMESUCH A GOOD LAST NAME FOR A CHARACTER.

So awesome Hunter is my mother's maiden name, she was a very strong, super intelligent kind loving woman, the kind of person I strive to be. I like this name it fits my character perfectly,but I’m changing the spelling of the name because I feel it will suit my character better. Why would you NOT want your last name to be Diamond?

I hope that this site gets a lot of reviews and that people think that this site is great. I couldn't think of a decent last name that would suit her, but Parker is perfect! Black Sexy, dark, cool and mysterious, who wouldn't love this last name? If you put it with an obscure first name, it makes it seem a little more common.

Thank you - Bethgeorge95 I'm writing a story and the girl's name is Hunter. It's really good, Drake Parker was my favorite name and I absolutely recommend it to someone looking for something very simple, and easy to articulate. Where do you come up with these awesome last names! It's really cute and a bit sexy and mysterious at the same time. "Love that name I'm going to use it in my story, LOVE IT. I always think of Sirius Black from Harry Potter - Winchester Girl26 Hunter My crush's last name is Hunter.

Not Hermoine kind of witchcraft, like Circe or Hecate kind of witchcraft. Maybe it's just because I've read the Kane Chronicles and there's a character in there with the same name...

I love it when wicked characters have adorable names that sound so cuddly, but when their true nature is revealed, the name starts to sound evil. (used to be my fave movie)I don't know why, but I find that Vladimir sounds like a name for an evil Russian dude.